Join me as I discover and re-create recipes to fit my family's many food allergies.
I will be focusing on foods that do not include the nightshade family, gluten, soy, natural flavors, peanuts, MSG, nutmeg, cumin, raspberries, cherries, oats, pork, pumpkin, chamomile, pistachios, corn (unless it is organic), preservatives, food colors, natural and artificial flavors, cottonseed oil, spinach, aged & colored cheeses (cream cheese & mozzarella are OK, Monterey Jack is OK in moderation), yeast (unless in safe bread), anything cured, aged, fermented or malted. We also only use milk in moderation. The nightshade family is a particularly long list and includes spices, potatoes (sweet are fine), tomatoes, peppers & more.
Whew, yes, this is all a long list. What an adventure it is to cook this way.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Interesting Information About the Nightshade Family

I came across this interesting web site about the Nightshade Family and wanted to share it with you. It gives some good information and I learned a few new things. A few fruits that we like are not in the Nightshade Family, but have the same chemical in them and so we should be avoiding blueberries and huckleberries also. I hope this nice list and information are a help to those of you trying to avoid the Nightshade Family. Have a great day everyone.